2014 Race for Illinois Attorney General (Yes there is now and will be in November!)

On Thursday evening, February 13th at the VFW of Woodstock, there was a very interesting meeting that was put together to help focus the importance of the Precinct Committeemen. There has much said, read, and feed to us about the event. By attending, I did take out more of an education on other aspects of the 2014 election than this topic.

Paul Schimpf 2014 candidate IL Att Gen

Paul Schimpf 021314
Paul talking issues with Larry Emery and Mary Alger

As the speeches were made by the candidates to help all of us to be informed and aware of the issues, a met and listened to a man named Paul Schmipf (www.schimpf4illinois.com). He is running for Illinois Attorney General. He is running unopposed in the Republican primary in March. This is a chance to start name recognition and opportunities to discuss his qualifications. We need more than one Madigan to be voted out of office.

Now is the time to engage, learn, and choose the people you want to represent your interest in local, state, and federal offices. Please do not take this right and privilege lightly. From Precinct Committeeman to U.S. Senator, the people elected will influence our financial future and make decisions on many issues that affect our way of life.

Paul was astute on his comments and answered any question with simple and direct answers. He indicated his focus would be on:
1. Protecting individual freedoms
2. Re-prioritizing anti-corruption efforts
3. Transforming the AGO to protect us from an intrusive state government

Our Time, Talents, and Treasures are important to all of use. Please use your resources wisely in your involvement this year. All three would be nice!

He is a proven leader with the legal skills, experience, and character to help rebuild the trust and support that we expect from Springfield for the people of Illinois.

Please go to www.schimpf4illinois.com for additional information.

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